Why Cross Blue?

We want to be your only and last option for overseas printing.

With thousands of search results for overseas printing, who do you choose? How do you choose? The great majority of these companies vying for your business are foreign companies. Are you prepared to use the same U.S. standards in both quality and professionalism when you buy from a foreign company in the developing country? Or, are you willing to sacrifice and lower your expectation? Just what are you willing to give-up to get the lowest possible price...?

Cross Blue has been helping U.S. print buyers importing from China since 1999; our 22 years of experience is the foundation of the complete service that we provide to our clients. Our prime directive is to deliver each job safely and on-time.

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  • Experienced and Reliable

    Rely on our experience to navigate around the many pitfalls in this land of unknown.   MORE »

  • We are an U.S. Company

    First and foremost, we live and breath the same U.S. laws as our customers. We are accountable for what we do.   MORE »

  • American Quality and Service

    You'll never need to second-guess if your expectations are understood and agreed to.   MORE »

  • We have Legal Presence in China

    We deal with our factories under their native Chinese laws and regulations - they can't hide behind the Pacific Ocean.   MORE »

Doing it Yourself?

This isn't exactly like buying stuff from Amazon or eBay...

The power and convenience of the internet have made shopping for anything so easy - search, click, and you're done! Well... Buying printing, or any business-eccentric products/services, from a developing foreign country isn't as simple. While some Chinese B2B portal may want you to belive that it's a fool-proof way to shop from overseas vendors, you may just as well believe in it until things start to go wrong... Who's accountable and how to fix it? Who do you call? This could have all been avoided if you had started on the right step - making sure the other party truly understands what you want instead of bargaining for that once-in-a-lifetime deal.

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  • The Bigger You Are, the Harder You Fall

    Small print buyers may just walk away frustrated, medium and large businesses will experience product shortages, defects, and worse, delays.  MORE »

  • Ready - Blindfold - Go!

    There are certainly always success DIY stories, but this really isn't HomeDepot where you can get instructions for everything under the sun.  MORE »

  • Ask Your Grandpa about Dealing with China

    Let's face it, we used to be China. Decades ago, the same ruthless and disreputable business practices were how things get done!  MORE »

  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    How is risking your hard-earned-money by exposing yourself to the various dangers and pitfalls be worthwhile?   MORE »

How is it Done?

A simple, at-a-glance infographics on the entire overseas printing process.

About two weeks
About two weeks
About one to two weeks*
About three to five weeks**

Of course, we are over-simplifying things. If it's that easy, we'd be out of a job! Nonetheless, this simple to understand flowchart should give you the gist of each major step involved in overseas print procurement as well as providing a foundation to budget your timeline. Not every print job is a good fit for overseas, especially if you are pressed for time. For those that have flexibility in their schedule, or have the ability to plan ahead, reaping the benefit of a lower cost is within grasp.

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* Manufacturing time for typical jobs listed. Actual time depends on quantity and type of products. ** Average shipping time to west and east coast of U.S. listed; customs inspections and/or certain work stoppages may affect actual delivery time.