Asia Distribution

Print and import? How about just print and distribute in Asia!

A very little known aspect of our services is getting more and more interests from our U.S. customer base - Asia distribution. Traditionally, most print jobs are manufactured and then brought back to the U.S. However, what used to be a very small portion of publications that are printed and distributed in Asia is now growing bigger and bigger.

We started doing Asia distribution since 2005 for a few small American magazines with an average subscriber base of 6,000 to 10,000 scattered throughout Asia. Today, we are doing print collateral distributions for major western hotel chains and various publicly traded companies that have retail presence in China and Asia. We also handle print collateral distribution in the Asia region for one of the "foremost" U.S. money transfer companies.

Our ability to provide such an expansive service for our U.S. customers is based on our physical and legal presence in China, network of print manufacturers, and network of logistic partnerships that we've built in China since our inception over a decade ago. Our reach is not just limited within the great China region; we deliver to all Asian countries and regions - even to small islands that not too many people have heard of.

Our Asia distribution services have saved many of our U.S. customers some serious money. Instead of importing all the print material just to end up shipping out a portion back to the Asian region, we are able to separate the Asian portion, distribute it, while concurrently ship the balance of the order back into the U.S. And thanks to our strong partnership with various logistical companies, our rates are far cheaper than FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

If the growth of your business includes the need for distribution within Asia, drop us a line. We are confident that Cross Blue will become your indispensable partner in your Asia distribution efforts.