Factory Network

A spider web of best factories to service our customers

At Cross Blue, we take our supply chain management very seriously. Over the decade of presence in China had enabled us to build up a well-connected and robust network of suppliers that spans both print manufacturing as well as logistics. Since day one, we've followed our special formulated SCM model; this model had proven to be very successful in ensuring that our suppliers are always busy with our orders while the quality of output is consistent.

In accordance to our SCM model, a factory is evaluated based on several criterion. Factors such as long term quality score, capacity, industry certification, government certification, human rights and labor records, turn-over ratio, and, of course, pricing stability. Other factors such as age of the company, years of working with us, and accountability are also considered. There are about a total of 38 different evaluation criterion that are used to score each factory. Once a factory becomes part of our family, it is then assigned a tier based on its score and manufacturing capability. Our SCM model is designed so that the best and most efficient factories will get a steady diet of our orders while we keep the "developing" ones healthy and growing. Over 95% of the factories that started working with us do not have the mentality needed to produce quality that's acceptable to U.S. buyers; we had to put them through a very stringent training and certification program before starting on any order.

As a result of our effort, and over the many years of refining our model, we have built up a vast and able network of factories throughout various geographical locations in China. The needs of our customers are different - most need to bring the shipment back to U.S, but there are some who needs us to ship them to other countries or just have the goods delivered within in China. Having a diverse location of factories to better serve each individual need is very critical to our success.

Our factory network covers many of the major Chinese cities and municipalities such as: Tianjin, Hebei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kunshan, and Shanghai. We have offices in Shenzhen, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, each strategically located to handle different aspect of the production and export process.

Furthermore, in China, some industries like to gang-up and form a type of enclave where everybody in the neighborhood is working or doing business within the same industry. The close geographical proximity gives each individual member the strength of the collective. When one individual gets an order, the whole community will become his factory. Such phenomenon is both good and bad for foreign buyers, but for us, we've always exercised extreme caution to side-step this kind of set-up in our years in China.

Our SCM strategy is flexible enough to handle straight-forward orders such as books or catalogs, yet it is sophisticated enough to fulfill the more complex needs of multi-national corporations with bigger orders that may consists of various components.