Publishing in China

This emerging market with billions of readers can make any publisher drool...

This is a new service for 2014 from Cross Blue. We've been asked by many of our publisher customers if we can help them to publish their books in China. This is a logical expansion of any publisher's business. The world's second most populous country with the rising standard of living...? There are more than enough readers in China to make any publisher drool in ecstasy.

However, China is still technically a socialism country with very tight control from the central government. Publishing in China had never been easy. Regulations, oversights, censorship, etc... Enough to wither the most enthusiastic publisher. Publishing foreign books is just many times more difficult.

With that in mind, and with the establishment of a formal cooperation between our China company and a "permitted" publishing distributor, we are now offering this service to our U.S. customer on a limited basis.

The most prevalent foreign books published inside China are children's books. If you are in this particular market sector, and have the desire to publish in China, this may just be the perfect situation. But as mentioned previously, publishing in China of foreign books is still in its infancy. So do expect a lengthy process and be prepared to be seriously annoyed.

Ever get solicitations from spammers about helping you to publish in China? Our approach to publishing in China is very different. With us, our customers get a solid and historied U.S. company with legal presence in China to conduct publishing/printing business. Furthermore, our unique understanding and fluency of both Chinese and English languages will help to put more transparency into a traditionally complicated and muddy pool of procedures. We don't send out mass emails targeting all American publishers as we know not all publications will be a good fit - China is not 100% ready just yet. Our service in this area includes obtaining publishing permit and printing of the physical books. Distribution to a limited and specific market sector can also be part of our service. If this is something that you'd like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us.