Providing opinion, advice, counsel and to deliberate together

  • More than a Handful.

    We have been contracted to act as consultant to represent U.S. buyers in cases where the printing contract is larger than normal. While rare, this service can be indispensible for companies that may be seeking to explore, engage, or commit long-term overseas outsourcing in the area of printing. Our consulting services include:   More »

  • Analysis of Customer's Printing Needs.

    Knowing is half the battle. Or is it? We bring our expert knowledge in printing and print procurement to the table. While there may be traditions in our customer's ways of buying things, we'll be pointing out other possibilities that can become money-saving factors. We will be able to propose more efficient ways for procurement that result in higher utilization of precious resources. At times, we may even propose to customers to step out of their comfort zone in order to achieve higher productivity.

  • Printing Specification and Translation.

    While most buyers know what they want in a product, they have either done it before, or perhaps a prototype has been made state-side, there are times it may become difficult to properly put the detailed specifications into the right technical jargon. Detailed but concise specification is the "key" in order to get an accurate quote and to receive a correct product. To further compound the distress, the entire specification must be translated into a foreign language. Not just any foreign language, but foreign language in the same technical jargon so that the supplier can understand. This is one of our greatest strength in helping our U.S. customers; we have the ability to do exactly this.

  • Identification of Suitable Overseas Suppliers.

    Suppliers and factories are a dime a dozen in China, if not even more prevalent. How does one weed out the wannabes from the right stuff? It is a very difficult process as there are just a too many people pretending to be something they are not. We peel the onion skin layer by layer to expose the right group of capable suppliers.

  • Qualification of Suitable Overseas Suppliers.

    We have developed a multi-prong methodology to filter-in the most qualified suppliers. Not only in terms of their capability but also their legality as well as financial stability. These are the ones to keep.

  • Price and Payment Negotiation.

    Getting the lowest possible price is just an exercise in patience over time, but getting a great price with actionable accountability takes a master craftsman. And then, there's the term of payment which is interconnected to the actual costs of the products. What is fair and what is not? We are able to provide the answers you need.

  • Travel Planning.

    No... We are neither a travel agency, nor do we book hotels and flights. However, our invaluable insights and coordination in helping you to prepare your trip to China will make your travel more enjoyable and productive. We can also arrange for our China staff, or third-party natives, to make your exploration into China much more accommodating.

  • Press Check and Supervision.

    Enabling the buyers to be on-the-ground in China overseeing the production of their jobs is more than meets the eyes. Delicate coordination of transportation as well as scheduled production time in the factories must be carefully reviewed and processed. The degree of involvement while customers are on the floor must be declared beforehand and constitutionally applied.

  • On-the-Ground Quality Control Team.

    In the absence of our customer, we place quality control squarely on our own team in China. While the factory may be our long-term partner, we would still share a great portion of responsibility when it comes to quality control. This is something that we offer to our customers and is the most impactful procedure we can put in place to ensure consistent quality.

  • Logistics Support Services.

    Once everything is said and done, there's still the shipment that needed to be delivered to... Wherever! This is part of the beauty of working with Cross Blue, we have the ability to compliment your existing logistical plans, or just take the lead in making sure that everything is shipped and delivered according to your schedule.