Exchange Rate: USD vs. CNY

Exchange rate affects the price you pay for anything from China.

  • Fluctuating Cost

    The one part of the overall costing equation when buying anything overseas is the exchange rate. This is certainly not unique to buying from China but any other country. In international trade, it may become necessary to have your costs re-confirmed when the purchase cycle is over a month. Unless you have a contract signed to guarantee pricing over a specific amount of time, it is always a best practice to allow a few percentage points for upward movement on the cost.

  • Freezing the Rate

    The fluctuating exchange rate's got you worried? Something quoted today may turn out to be more expensive couple of months down the road. We have a possible solution to alleviate your headaches so you can plan ahead; we'll help to keep your production costs steady.   More »

Current:  ¥6.57696CNY to $1USD (as of Monday, February 1, 2016)