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Doing it Yourself?

Not exactly as rewarding as a home improvement project.

  • Doing it Yourself?

    Buying printing, or any business-eccentric products/services, from a developing foreign country is not simple. When something goes wrong, who's accountable and how to fix it? Who do you call? This could have all been avoided if you had started on the right step.

  • The Bigger You Are, the Harder You Fall

    Small print buyers may just walk away frustrated, medium and large businesses will experience product shortages, defects, and worse, delays.   MORE »

  • Ready - Blindfold - Go!

    There are certainly always success DIY stories, but this really isn't HomeDepot where you can get instructions for everything under the sun.   MORE »

  • Ask Your Grandpa about Dealing with China

    Let's face it, we used to be China. Decades ago, the same ruthless and disreputable business practices were how things get done!   MORE »

  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    How is risking your hard-earned-money by exposing yourself to the various dangers and pitfalls be worthwhile?   MORE »

  • Export/Import Problems: Labeling and Packaging

    No overseas printer can or willing to invest the kind of money to make a U.S.-based office successful. Almost all of the overseas printing jobs are done through service provider companies, brokers, or management companies like us.

  • Export/Import Problems: Misreporting of Valuation

    Make sure that a potential service provider speaks the local language, understands the customs, and can communicate well with the printer.

  • Increased Risk

    Don't get the mis-impression that you'll save a bundle by working directly with an overseas printer. The facts that you work in a different time zone, speak a different language, and have different values, are all the components of a job ready to go wrong. And when something does go wrong...   MORE »

  • Potential Highway Violations

    Make sure that a potential service provider speaks the local language, understands the customs, and can communicate well with the printer.