What's Not a Good Fit?

Not everything is good to buy from overseas; there are many exceptions.

  • Tight Schedule

    Timing has always been and always will be Enemy #1 for overseas printing. When you are running on a short schedule, or there's not enough built-in flexibility on deadlines, overseas printing may not be the best choice.   More »

  • Web Printing

    Despite the fact that higher volume usually is a good indicator to go overseas. Web printing is the one single exception. For jobs with simple postpress, there is still a net saving albeit very small...

  • Short Run

    Small quantity is definitely not a good fit for overseas. Cost of shipping will easily be higher than the printing itself. There are some exceptions, but this is true for most run-of-the-mill print jobs.   More »

  • Fast Turn-Around

    If a job is needed in a few days, your local printer will be the guy. Shipping time is easily double or triple production time. International express delivery will likely be more costly than the job itself.

  • Simple Jobs

    Jobs that require very little postpress work, such as flyers, maps, etc, are not a good fit for overseas. As a rule of thumb, the more complicated the postpress work, especially those that require manual labor, the more savings you'll get.