Mission Statement

Lower pricing or better value?

We have a very simple mission in our professional lives:

"To provide our customers with the best available savings overseas that results in reliable and consistent quality products."

To achieve this end, we've worked very hard to ensure that we have the most capable resources implemented throughout China while our U.S. staff is up-to-date on the numerous and ever-changing factors that may influence not only the buy decision but also the product outcome.

Our company president likes to point out the fact that "if we can't save customers money, we don't deserve their business." While that is all true, it is relative to the quality of products that the customer ends up getting when he chooses to buy from the cheapest price available. After all, if one gets something that's not usable, or not to spec, the amount of money saved all becomes irrelevant. Isn't it?

Our philosophy of being a professional management company has always been to mutually benefit all parties involved. That includes primarily our customers, suppliers, and ourselves. We have never competed with the lowest price game since the value and service we bring to our customers are so much more than that. We feel we'd be doing our customers a disservice by lowering our prices and trim away all the values.

"If we can't save customers money,
we don't deserve their business."

We don't believe in the fact that most U.S. buyers have the full capability to buy directly from China. Or at least, not having the capability to deal with the fallout when buying direct ends in disaster. While the Internet had made meeting potential Chinese suppliers easier, it does not replace the human interactions that help to influence various decision-making process which may determine the quality of the product. We at Cross Blue believe that our strength is our ability to provide clear communication to both our customers and factories so that there are clear understanding and expectations.

We believe that a usable quality is more important than the cheapest price; furthermore, we believe that a consistent quality trumps a 15-minute flash of fame in quality when and if customer happens to be on the floor. We do not like the fact that our customers become the butt of "Made in China" jokes.