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  • Doing it Yourself?

    Buying printing, or any business-eccentric products/services, from a developing foreign country is not simple. When something goes wrong, who's accountable and how to fix it? Who do you call? This could have all been avoided if you had started on the right step.   MORE »

  • File Checklist

    Making sure your files are done correctly are extremly important - it saves both time and money. While we will always preflight your files to ensure accuracy, it's always best that you have your final files prepared correctly.   MORE »

  • Shopping Around?

    If you are still thinking about doing overseas printing with other companies, here are a few things to remember. These simple facts will save you time and hassle when you shop around for the best company to do your overseas printing.   MORE »

  • Proofing Choices

    Two types of proofing media is available: press proof and digital proof. Which one better suits your needs and budget? Let's take a look both so you can make an informed decision. While China used to be known for producing very cheap press proofs (relatively speaking); it has been gradually switching over the digital proofs over the past few years.   MORE »

  • Buying Directly from China

    Don't get the mis-impression that you'll save a bundle by working directly with an overseas printer. The facts that you work in a different time zone, speak a different language, and have different values, are all the components of a job ready to go wrong. And when something does go wrong...   MORE »