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Make no mistakes about it - We are an American company

Spun off in 2014 as an independent company, Cross Blue Corporation is dedicated to market and service overseas printing (cross = over; blue = sea) in China. The scope of this line is nothing short of end-to-end overseas printing service delivered door-to-door to our customers in the States as well as world-wide.

Coupled with our printing knowledge and our partners positioned in various logistics, shipping, and mailing services, we are able to bring our customers in the U.S. a complete line of overseas printing service from prepress in the U.S., printing overseas, export, import, customs clearance, freight forwarding, to world-wide shipping and delivery. In addition, our on-line job tracking service provides up-to-date schedule and details of each job 24/7.

With branch office/operation center in Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong, we are poised that our customers in the U.S. will find Cross Blue Corporation the premier service provider for their overseas printing needs.

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