Overseas Printing

An acrobatic ballet of two different industries

Since 1999, we've been sending print jobs overseas to the China region; this is the bread-and-butter part of our business.

We offer a very comprehensive service as we understand that the last thing our customer wants is to be entangled in the fine web of printing overseas. Overseas printing is the marriage of two distinct industries: printing and shipping. Both components have to work in harmony in order to make things work.

Printing by itself is already a very difficult subject. Add in the complexity of doing such a difficult subject by moving everything overseas... The result might be overwhelming. Not to mention even more difficult to achieve the expected result. Our expertise in printing spans over many decades, the two co-founders of the company each has over 25 years of printing experience. Add that to our presence in China and ability to communicate with both the factory and buyers, this is definitely a winning combination.

Shipping from another country is no laughing matter. Getting different types of products through export customs, and then again with the import customs may sound straight-forward, but the process is much more elaborate than simple tourists hopping on and off the plane. And between the two customs, there are various different modes of transportation that needs to be arranged and coordinated. One missed step may spell disaster in delivery time. Our seasoned staff has been negotiating the murky waters of international shipping for over a decade. We know the "personality" of each major port of export in China. Our staff, on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, have been trained to ensure the most speedy and effective delivery of our customers' orders.

While the general paradigm of overseas printing is inherently complex, the biggest issue in printing overseas is the ability to communicate. U.S. buyers have a very different set of values and expectations than most of the cultures in developing countries. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively communicate customers' wishes while bridging the gap between expectation and reality.

Value is another key component of our mission. When buyers choose to buy from overseas suppliers, the "money saving" factor always play a prominent role. Most buyers use domestic U.S. pricing as a reference point and decide how much savings they would receive by going overseas. While anybody can find a deal with a 70% savings, it doesn't mean he'll be getting a comparable product in return. So, when buying from overseas, it is very important to compare apples-to-apples. And this is exactly our purpose for being. With our familiarity and knowledge of China, we can find the same 70% discount deal as any U.S. buyer, if not even better. However, we know full well that such suppliers are fly-by-night operations and will not deliver a quality that's close to be satisfactory. Hence, we strive for value - discounted but with consistent quality. We feel that this is the only way that our customers will be satisfied. While everybody loves deep discounts, nobody wants sub-standard products. And this is exactly where our value-added service becomes indispensable. We are able to provide our customers with deep savings while ensuring that the quality of the product stays consistent.

  • Direct Export

    Our ability of ship directly to any country in the world from China is second to none. While most of the shipments are destined for the U.S., we become a huge money-saver when your destinations are split into different countries.

  • Ocean Freight

    Anybody can book ocean freight for you. But to intimately know which ship is direct and which will make many stops is what makes the biggest difference. We can offer very low rates for those that are not time sensitive while be competitive on direct ships.

  • Shipping

    We have the ability to ship your products anywhere in the world from within China. We have set-up an extensive chain of logistics partners that can handle all kinds of shipping needs.  MORE »

  • Fulfillment

    Store, pick, assemble, pack, and ship. If this is something you need, look no further. We have the resources to make product fulfillment easy and simple so that you don't have to hassle with it.  MORE »