Print Management

Getting more out of what you already spend on printing

In today's world, cost of print as an advertising, communication, and instructional medium is on a continuous rise. It's not so much the cost of the physical printing has gone up but the cost of distribution and delivery has skyrocketed. With many of the traditional print collateral now replaced by digital media, and faced with the ever-increasing cost of doing print, what is the best strategy to manage print spending?

We aim to answer this question along with actionable processes. As with many things within the "management" concept, print management is both an art and science. The "science" part, of course, is the empirical fact - all the numbers and specs from historical database. On the other hand, the "art" part is how can one creatively divert or reallocate existing resources to make the results more desirable.

At Cross Blue, we have the ability to work with our customers to identify areas of improvement that can result in measurable increase in efficiency. More often than not, better resource allocation can result in instant and automatic cost saving. Overseas printing may only be part of the solution. In many instances, a balanced mixture of domestic offset printing, digital printing, and overseas printing will yield the best result. Our experts have the experience and tools to provide a solution that may achieve a sensible cost containment on your annual print budget.

While cost reduction is always the primary goal, achieving better result with existing expenditure is also a concurrent objective. We will walk through the steps necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your existing print products as well as identify areas where additional cost-saving measures can be obtained. Whether the print product is classified as an expense or cost item, we are there to make managing your print expenditure easier and more effective.