Product Development

Step-by-step, we'll get your product finalized

A relatively recent phenomenon in the social media world called "crowdfunding" have made great inroads in the idea-to-product marketplace. Inventors of all sorts are coming out of woodwork to turn their dreams into reality. While some ideas are less than practical, there have been many successful stories with this new way of bringing a product to the market that otherwise would have been shelved to collect dust.

At Cross Blue, we have been working with many entrepreneurs from different crowdfunding sources to turn their ideas into tangible products that sell. Some of such entrepreneurs are publishers who have great ideas for books while many others are product inventors who just needed manufacturing help.

Due to our strong presence in China and our very well established sourcing channels, we are able to assist customers who need to have products produced in China. From the preliminary cost estimation and the initial prototyping, both of which are very important to any crowdfunding project, to the final preparation as we head into manufacturing, our experienced staff at Cross Blue have taken the lead to empower each one of these products to reach their fullest potential.

Unlike other jobs that we do on a normal basis, product development projects usually take much longer and may not always come to the final fruition. For the same reason, many companies refuse to become "part of the team" when it comes to product development work. Many suppliers, especially overseas, would just rather quote each individual task on a project-by-project basis. This will greatly hinder the progress and successful completion of any project as the customer will need to be able to put all the pieces together on his own. There's no continuity of flow or anybody else to engage with new ideas as the project progress toward finality.

At Cross Blue, we always make ourselves part of our customer's team when it comes to project development cases. Our aim is to ensure that everything on the other side of the ocean is well taken care of. From specifying a type of screw all the way to the outer packaging, we are always working hard to earn our keep. We want to be part of your product team; let us know how we can be of service.