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Shopping Around?

Everything you need to know before you send in the final files.

  • Shop till You Drop.

    If you are still thinking about doing overseas printing with other companies, here are a few things to remember. These simple facts will save you time and hassle when you shop around for the best company to do your overseas printing.

  • There is No Overseas Printer Domestically.

    No overseas printer can or willing to invest the kind of money to make a U.S.-based office successful. Almost all of the overseas printing jobs are done through service provider companies, brokers, or management companies like us.

  • Risks of Going Directly.

    Don't get the mis-impression that you'll save a bundle by working directly with an overseas printer. The facts that you work in a different time zone, speak a different language, and have different values, are all the components of a job ready to go wrong. And when something does go wrong...   MORE »

  • Cultural Efficiency.

    Make sure that a potential service provider speaks the local language, understands the customs, and can communicate well with the printer.

  • Overseas Operations.

    Make sure that a potential service provider has the resources overseas to supervise your job. This is not true with many printing brokers who just entrust the printer to do this important task; it's almost like asking the fox to guard the hen house.

  • Strong Logistics.

    Make sure that a potential service provider has the know-how and ready-resource when it comes to logistics. While printing is a very technical matter, logistics (i.e. export, import, customs clearance) is no child's play. It can easily make or break your entire job.