More than just print; we do sourcing for other products/merchandise

While print item is our core-strength, we are involved in sourcing for other non-print related items on many occasions. Sometimes a customer's order may include non-print items to make a kit, in that instance, we would be involved in helping the customer getting the non-print item. In other instances, we have larger customers who actual order very little print items from us but use us to source for a wide variety of non-print products.

Our ability to source for non-print products stems from our established management structure in China. Having been there for more than a decade, we've developed, and constantly refined, our strong and flexible supply chain management skills. The same SCM model that governs our print factories also works just as well for non-print related suppliers.

To date, the non-print products that we've helped our customers to procure have been all across the board. Everything from toys, home decorations, to office supplies, and everything else in between. In the wildest instance, we were engaged to provide gamers who can help American consumers to spend the time online playing games on their behalf! Again, we are proud to have the ability to be participating in many different types of products and activities that our U.S. customers may require. And we owe this ability to the very physical presence we've set-up in China. The native Chinese staff on our China team have been nothing short of amazing in their ability to find, source, and produce the quality products and services that our U.S. customers demand.

If you have non-print items that may benefit from overseas sourcing, drop us a line. Let us help you to evaluate if your product is a good fit for overseas and project your potential savings.