Why Cross Blue?

Many reasons to work with us, pick your favorite

  • Experienced and Reliable

    We have been in the printing business for over 32 years of experience years and have 22 years of experience handing overseas printing. Our knowledge of printing is second to none.   MORE »

  • We are a U.S. Company

    First and foremost, we live and breathe the same U.S. laws as our customers. We are accountable for what we do.   MORE »

  • American Quality and Service

    You'll never need to second-guess if your expectations are understood and agreed to.   MORE »

  • We have Legal Presence in China

    We deal with our factories under their native Chinese laws and regulations - they can't hide behind the Pacific Ocean.   MORE »

  • Creativity

    Part of our organization was borne out of graphic design; hence, we are able to make recommendations to improve the look and quality of your printing job with or without a modest increase in cost.

  • Relationship

    Our strong and long-term relationship with our overseas factories have allowed us to bring our customers overseas printing at a very low price without having to sacrifice quality.

  • Comprehensive Service

    Our service is comprehensive - everything is included. Everything from color proofing, prepress, printing, bindery, export/import, air/ocean freight, customs, and ground transportation all take place under the watchful eyes of our seasoned staff. Best of all, our delivery is "door-to-door." This means that our customers never have to worry about where to pick-up their shipment.

  • Localized Operation

    In addition to our headquarter here in the U.S., we have separate operations located in Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China, to ensure that we have the maximum control over how each printing job is processed and produced.

  • Quality

    All of our overseas factories are ISO certified. Due to the fact that we have local operations, we are able to send our own quality control team to ensure that all jobs are manufactured to specification.

  • Domestic Printing Operation

    Our investments also include domestic printing companies. While we have streamlined our overseas printing operation to bring quality printing at a very low price, we maintain a strong relationship with our domestic printing partners for certain jobs that are not suitable for overseas printing.

  • Communication

    We speak the local language and know the local customs to facilitate and ensure that the proper specifications are passed from one stage to the next. This feature is among the many that makes us unique.

  • Management

    Part of our overall printing experience is print management. We have extensive hands-on experience working with our customers and factories on how best to produce a job, within budget, and on-time. Our strong management skills also ensure an unbroken chain of logistics in getting the jobs delivered promptly.

  • High Integrity

    All of our overseas printing plants are routinely and randomly inspected for possible labor abuses and other human rights violations. We don't allow our factories to become sweat-shop or employ child labor.

  • Online Service

    Our on-line job management system keeps our customers always in-the-know. Simple and extensive functions that demystifies the complexities of overseas printing.