Why Cross Blue: American Quality and Service

Leveling the playing field for our customers

There's a reason why the label "Made in China" conjures up images of cheaply made and sub-standard products. By the same token, there's also a reason that there are literally tons and tons of horror stories floating on the Internet about U.S. buyers have been mislead by their Chinese suppliers in China. Both issues boil down to the same root cause: the non-American way of life.

One can hardly blame the Chinese, or anybody else, for not being more like Americans. After all, different people from different culture share different values. For people in China, where survival and improvement had been the most common and fundamental objective, they are out to make as much money as possible. If by misleading buyers a little bit will yield 30% more profit, consider it done.

On the other hand, we at Cross Blue have our homes here in the U.S. Our families are here, and we are your neighbors. We understand what Americans are looking for when they buy. Whether if it's a retail sales transaction or business oriented purchase, we need the quality to be stable and look forward to receive honest service. Unfortunately, this is exactly not foreign suppliers can provide.