Why Cross Blue: Legal Presence in China

Leveling the playing field for our customers

How is this a "game changer?" While we build our credentials with our customers about our American heritage and ethics, we top ourselves by setting up a native Chinese company? Yes, indeed. As our American roots help to make a strong distinction against sell-direct Chinese suppliers, our China operations help to differentiate us from our native U.S. competitors. After all, how many print management companies who specializes in overseas printing can boast the same claim?

Having legal presence in China is very different than just being intimately cozy with your main Chinese supplier; it goes even further than just being a subsidiary of a Chinese printer here in the U.S. Both of these entities are powerless against the main factory, demands of quality assurance is really pleading in disguise. On the other hand, Cross Blue can hold the Chinese factories to fulfill their own legally required obligations. Rather than whispering or pleading the factories to play nice, we can literally deploy "the carrot and stick" system right there inside China.

This is important for our customers as it acts as an added assurance that we are more than just comfortable with what we do, we are as determined to ensure that our orders get the most and best ability that these factories can yield.