Why Cross Blue: Experienced and Reliable

Leveling the playing field for our customers

Whether you're going on a safari or up an exotic mountain, you'd hire a guide who's experienced in the surroundings. Someone who knows his way around. When the same takes place in the business world, why would anybody do anything less with overseas sourcing? After all, the business jungle is no less dangerous than the literal one.

We have been on the ground in China right after the Chinese government decided to open up the country and step up economic activity. All that years spent building relationships, know-how, connections, and the resulting experience has been one of the foremost reasons that our customers make us their number one choice when buying from overseas. Our experience in overseas is not just limited to our time spent in China, we also have decades of experience in printing and logistics. Both ingredients are the necessities to make any successful overseas printing possible.

The fact that we started when overseas printing was an unknown concept decades ago, and that we are still around in today's crowded marketplace for anything overseas, speak volume about our ability. Not just the capability to be the best in producing and delivering results, but also our ability to adapt and evolve. Today's overseas printing marketplace is much more complex than before. With China suppliers vying for buyer's business directly, the risk factors have increased many folds. We invite you to join us and lean on our experiences. Our aim is to make your next overseas printing project a successful journey with smooth sailing.